Dec 24, 2006

Los Alamos 9/11 Truth

September 11th, 2001 - The Manhattan Project comes home.

"... pushing the envelope on limited hangouts ..."

"... because even classified weapons developers, need a 9/11 truth movement ..."


losalamos911truth said...

Watching COINTELPRO in action....
Watch his waffling and dissembling over the alleged "peer reviewed" publication of his "findings".....
The whole "thermate" deal is a set-up.
Of course there's residue of conventional explosives at the WTC site.
Becaues that's what was used AFTER THE FACT, to complete the clean-up and haul-away what was left after 9/11.
Which will make it easier for other government certified "experts" to discredit the "thermate did 9/11 argument".
It's been deliberately set up to fail that way.
"Thermate" was always intended as a poison pill.
Which would make Jones a Trojan Horse.
If Jones had any intellectuall integrity at all, he would be pointing to the VIDEO EVIDENCE OF DESTRUCTION AND SPONTANEOUS COLLAPSE as the key, basic and primary evidence for an engineered destsruction of the Towers.
And closer, detailed examination of photograhphic evidence from around the site that morning (toasted cars, craters in some areas but not in others, the survival of the "bathtub" underlying the foundation of the complex; all this would tend to lend greater weight to the likelihood that unconventional weapons were employed at Ground Zero 9/11

Perhaps IN CONJUNCTION with more conventional explosives like thermite .... or even mini-nukes.

Limiting the evidence of "demolition" at Ground Zero on 9/11, to a "materials analysis proving thermate" is easily discredited bullshit ....
It raises all kinds of red-herrings in relation to sourcing the material evidence, chain-of-custody, "expert interpretation" of complicated lab tests ...

The whole "thermate" limited hangout scam would crumble in court and in the media, precisely because it is so easily discredited.
That's why Jones is advancing it.

Raising the evidence of unconventional weapons use, on the other hand, points the finger directly and unambiguously at the government and military-industrial complex.
It also links the use of these weapons here, to their current ongoing use in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon .. .... of which we already have abundant photographic evidence...
But it is easier to play the bumbler, using sloppy and flimsy "research" along with dubious credentials as a "pre-Colombian Jesus" expert to sabotage and hamstring any authentic research into the truth.

Los Alamos 9/11 Truth said...

Connecting the dots .......
From Prof. Jones limited hangout on "controlled demolition", directly to Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Defense via beau coups government grants and contracts ...... to ........... COINTELPRO ...
Once you follow the money, it becomes rather simple to understand the motives and the framing of the "evidence", into a containable limited hangout.

That explains why Jones was projected by the media as big-time celebrity, while the same media studiously ignores a Morgan Reynolds,. a Jeff King, a Judy Woods, order for Jones to secure early media primacy for the weakest argument ("variant of thermite".... or some other "chemical analysis" opposed to the obviously stronger argument of video evidence showing erupting pyroclastic clouds and a VISUAL free-fall collapse in mere seconds.
Which only relies on a simple intuitive understanding of Newton's Laws (gravitation basically).
"Ordinary" people would have to "trust" the judgment of the "experts" and perhaps some government supplied "physical evidence" ... to undergo complicated testing procedures .... analysis...etc..

While the simple science of skyscrapers in free-fall, so visually obvious from the videos, would be shunted aside, obscured, benched to make room for arguments that depend much more heavily on chain of custody, lab procedures and certified scientific "expertise".

Very sensibly crafted limited hangout, I would say.
Except for the manifest awkwardness of Jones, when he finally had to stand up and defend his argument for "controlled demolition" on MSNBC's Tucker Carlson fiasco.
I hate to sound rude, but Jones' performance on Carlson's show, as essentially a punching bag, taught people how to "lose gracefully" … sheepish grin and all.

Jones apparently, feels no moral burden to stand up and fight the arbitrary suppression of evidence by BYU, in allowing himself to be forcibly retired. Which establishes a nice precedent for retaliating against other "911truthers in academia, who even now, might reconsider their options and decide to keep their mouths shut.

On the other hand, they might be able to opportunistically gamble on the possibility of a nice cash settlement, as compensation for early forced retirement
... as Professor Jones has so gracefully demonstrated by example.
Pay close attention to Prof. Jones, all you 9/11 pupils out there ......
Learn how to endure total defeat and humiliation gracefully with a sheepish grin ....
That's how it's been scripted .... you know....